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Incredible Carnivorous Plants of the Mackinac Straits Area

Northern Michigan’s wetlands are home to a fascinating group of plants that have adapted to “meat eating” as a source of nutrition. Pitcher plants, Sundews, Bladderworts, and Butterworts all have different and special strategies for capturing and digesting their prey of insects and small aquatic life. Prey provide a source of nitrogen to the plants, which often grow in nutritionally poor soils.
This program will explore the amazing adaptations of each group of carnivorous plants and how they can exist in often extreme and harsh environments.

Join naturalist Steve Baker on a journey into the worlds of local carnivorous plants. Mr. Baker will speak at Hessel School House from 5:30 p.m until 6:15 p.m. Following the presentation, he will take the class to a local coastal wetland to see carnivorous plants in their habitat.

To register, click on the link on the class registration page on this Web site, or call (906) 484-1333. If you’d prefer to e-mail, write to or